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Dr. A. Mark Settles

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Vasil-Monsanto Associate Professor

Seed Development
Maize Genetics
Functional Genomics
Email settles@ufl.edu
Phone (352)392-7571

B.A, University of Delaware, 1993;
Ph.D., SUNY at Stony Brook,1998

Longitudinal Section of a Maize Kernel

Cereal grains provide most of our food either directly or indirectly as animal feeds. Grains vary in their size and nutritional quality, which is determined largely through the growth and development of the different cell types of the endosperm and embryo.  

We are studying how endosperm and embryo growth is coordinated as well as mechanisms of cellular differentiation during seed development.  My lab is focusing on mutations that are likely to disrupt normal cellular signaling during seed formation, and we are taking a genomics approach to identify the genes affected in these mutants.

Selected Publications:

Spielbauer, G., Armstrong, P., Baier, J.W., Allen, W.B., Richardson, K., Shen, B., Settles, A.M. (2009) High-throughput near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy for predicting quantitative and qualitative composition phenotypes of individual maize kernels. Cereal Chem. 86(5):556–564. (full text)

Settles A.M. (2009) Transposon-tagging and reverse genetics. In: Molecular Genetic Approaches to Maize Improvement. Eds. A.L. Kriz and B.A. Larkins, Springer-Verlag, Berlin. pp.143-160. (full text)

Li X., Kahveci T., Settles A.M. (2008) A novel genome-scale repeat finder geared towards transposons. Bioinformatics. 24: 468-476. (full text)

Settles, A.M., Holding, D.R., Tan, B.C., et al. (2007) Sequence-indexed mutations in maize using the UniformMu transposon-tagging population. BMC Genomics. 8: 116. (full text)

Baye, T.M., Pearson, T.C., Settles, A.M. (2006) Calibration development to predict maize seed composition using single kernel near infrared spectroscopy. J. Cereal Sci. 43: 236-243. (full text)

Porch, T.G., Tseung, C.W., Schmelz, E.A., Settles, A. M. (2006) The maize Viviparous10/Viviparous13 locus encodes the Cnx1 gene required for molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis. Plant J. 45: 250-263. (full text)

Settles, A.M., (2005) Maize community resources for forward and reverse genetics. Maydica. 50:405-414. (full text)

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