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Dr. Frederick S. Davies

Publications | Class: FRC 3252

Cornell University, Ph.D. Pomology, 1978
University of Arizona, M.S. Horticulture, 1973
University of Michigan, B.S. Biology, 1971
My program centers on two major areas of research, environmental physiology of tropical and subtropical fruit and plant growth regulator effects on fruit quality of citrus. In the past we conducted a citrus young tree care program that studied irrigation, fertilization and cold protection practices. We also studied the effects of flooding on the physiology of blueberries and mangos. Most recently we have projects involved with drought and flooding of annonas and mamey sapote. This research should help us to identify differences in flooding responses among species and to determine methods of alleviating the deleterious effects of flooding on plant growth and development.
A second research project involves the use of plant growth regulators (PGRs) to enhance fruit quality of citrus. Most citrus in Florida is processed into juice where value is determined by its sugar and juice content. We are studying methods of enhancing these factors as well as the underlying physiology behind the effects. Several of our projects have become part of cultural programs for fruit production in Florida and we will continue to apply our results to improve fruit production and quality.