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Dr. José X. Chaparro


2119 Fifield Hall

For more information, visit Dr. Chaparro's website.

Associate Professor

Areas of Research:

  • Stone Fruit Breeding and Genetics
  • Citrus Breeding and Genetics

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., North Carolina State University, Plant Breeding (1993)
  • M.S., University of Florida, Horticulture (1986)
  • B.S., University of Puerto Rico, General Agriculture (1981)

Teaching Responsibilities

Program Personnel

  • Mark Gal, Biological Scientist
  • Dario Chavez-Velasquez, Graduate Student


  • Chavez, D.J. and J.X. Chaparro 2011. Identification of Markers Linked to Seedlessness in Citrus kinokunihort. ex Tanaka and its Progeny using Bulked Segregant Analysis. HortScience 46: 693–697.
  • Carrillo-Mendoza, O., Sherman W.B., and Chaparro, J.X. 2010. Development of a branching index for evaluation of peach seedlings. HortScience. 45:852-856.
  • Chaparro, J. X. and Sherman, W. B. 2010.  UFOne peach.  Journal of the American Pomological Society. 64: 60-62.
  • Rahemi, A.R., Fatahi, R., Ebadi, A., Taghavi, T., Hassani, D., Gradziel, T., and Chaparro, J. 2010. Genetic variation of S-alleles in wild almonds and their related Prunus species. Australian Journal of Crop Science. 4:648-659.
  • Beckman, T.G., Chaparro, J.X., and Sherman, W.B. 2009. ‘Sharpe’ a clonal plum rootstock for peach. HortScience 43:2236-2237.     
  • Chaparro, J. X. and Sherman, W. B. 2009.  ‘UFRoyal’ nectarine.  Journal of the American Pomological Society. 63:192-193.
  • Wert, T. W.; Williamson, J. G.; Chaparro, J. X.; Miller, E. P., and Rouse, R. E. 2009. The influence of climate on fruit development and quality of four low-chill peach cultivars. HortScience 44:666-670.