Horticultural Sciences Department

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Lab Members & Research Collaborators

Lab Members: 

Adrian Berry.  Adrian is the Sr. Biological Scientist for the lab. She graduated from U.F. in 2002 with a M.S. in Horticulture and a minor in Plant Pathology. Her duties include overseeing daily laboratory activities and lab personnel.

Catherine Belisle.   Catherine is a PhD student currently working on evaluating quality of various lettuce breeding lines.  She completed her M.S. degree from the University of Georgia in 2017 on peach fruit quality.  

Carina Theodore.Carina is a M.S. student from Haiti. She is working on the evaluation of postharvest handling quality of fresh broccoli in Florida y Haiti. She obtained her Bachelor's at EARTH University in Costa Rica.


Research Collaborators:

Ramadhani Majubwa. Ramadhani is a lecturer in the Crop and Horticulture Department at the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania. He received a Ph.D. from UF in 2016, where he investigated the effect of various rootstocks and degreening treatments on the postharvest quality of mandarin.  He received a B.S. in Horticulture and M.S. in Crop Science from Solkine University of Agriculture.

Celso L. Moretti, PhD.  Celso is the national Director of the Research & Development Board for EMBRAPA, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation in Brasilia, Brazil. A postharvest researcher, Dr. Moretti also teaches and advises graduate students at the National University of Brasilia. Since 2006,  he has been a courtesy professor at the University of Florida in the Horticultural Sciences Department. His research focus is in postharvest physiology and technology and his areas of interest include quality, fresh cut storage, food safety, traceability, bioactive compounds.

Marcio Pereira, PhD.  Marcio is currently working for the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - Embrapa as a researcher in Postharvest Physiology and Handling of Tropical Fruits. He received a Ph.D. from UF in 2010, where he investigated the effects of ethylene and 1-MCP on volatile compounds and sensory attributes of avocado fruit.  He received a M.S. in Plant Science in 1999 from the Universidade Federal de Vicosa in Brazil.

Angelo P. Jacomino, PhD.  Angelo is a professor at the University of Sao Paulo, ESALQ, in Piracicaba, Brazil. His research focus is Fruit Crops and Postharvest Physiology and Technology of Fruits and Vegetables.  He conducted research at UF for 18 months involving strawberry hydrocooling and papaya ripening.

Marcelo Carnelossi, PhD.  Marcelo is a professor at the Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil. His research focus is Fresh Cut Vegetables and Postharvest Physiology and Technology of Fruits and Vegetables and Processing Technology of Vegetables. He spent 12 months working at UF to develop methods for hydrocooling fresh strawberries and to study the physiological changes of fresh cut vegetables in mixed salads.

Marcos Ferreira, PhD.Marcos is currently working for the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - Embrapa in research and development. He is a graduate at Engenharia Agronômica from Universidade de São Paulo (1986), with a master's in Postharvest Physiology from the University of Florida (1994) and PhD in Agronomy from Universidade de São Paulo (1999). He has experience in Science and Technology of Food, focusing on postharvest physiology of: lycopersicon esculentum, cebola, qualidade, tomate and classification.