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Theses and Dissertations

Theses & Dissertations

2016 Ramadhani Majubwa. Studies in Mandarin fruit quality: Response of cold-hardy, seedless cultivars to rootstock and degreening temperatures in Florida; current and potential harvest and handling practices to reduce postharvest losses along the value chain in Tanzania.

2014. Mildred Makani. Postharvest quality of ‘new’ potatoes: effects of improved water and fertilizer use efficiency during production and application of ‘rapid curing’ during storage.

2010. Mildred Makani.  Effect of time of harvest and storage conditions on the development of lenticels disorders of tablestock potato.

2010.  Marcio Pereira.  Ripening, volatiles and sensory attributes of  West Indian and Guatemalan-West Indian hybrid avocados as affected by 1-methycyclopropene and ethylene.

2009.  Oren Warren. Quality of carambola fruit as affected by harvest maturity, postharvest wax coating, ethylene, and 1-methylcyclopropene.

2005.  Eunkyung Lee.  Quality changes induced by mechanical stress on roma-type tomato and potential alleviation by 1-methylcyclopropene.

2005.  Alfredo Villalta.  Effect of growing season, storage temperature and ethylene exposure on the quality of greenhouse grown beit alpha cucumber in north Florida.

1999.  Fernando Maul.  Flavor of fresh market tomato as influenced by harvest maturity and storage temperature.

1998.    Pornchai Pornchaloempong.  Cooling method, storage temperature and controlled atmosphere affect peel color and other quality attributes of lychee fruit.

1998.    Cleisa Cartaxo.  Controlled atmosphere storage of fresh-cut watermelon.

1995.    Maria Costa.  Controlled atmosphere storage of snap beans to avoid chilling injury and extended storage quality.

1994.  Marcos Ferreira.  Physiological responses of strawberry to handling impacts and precooling methods.

1993.    Juan Aracena.  Mechanism of vascular streaking, a postharvest physiological disorder of cassava roots.