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The following is a listing of courses taught in the Horticultural Science graduate curriculum.
Note: F=Fall, S=Spring, SS=Summer

HOS 5085 - Principles of Postharvest Horticulture. F even years
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Brecht

HOS 5242 - Genetics & Breeding of Vegetable Crops. S
3 credits. Instructor:  Drs. Saba Rathinasabapathi, Kevin Folta & Jugpreet Singh 

HOS 5306 - Molecular Biology of Plant Hormones. F even years
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Harry Klee 
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HOS 5330 - Postharvest Technologies for Horticultural Crops. S
2 credits. Instructorr: Drs. Steve Sargent & Mark Ritenour

HOS 5555 - Tropical Fruit Production and Research. SS even years
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Jonathan Crane.
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HOS 5711 - Phytochemicals in Food & Health. SS even years
3 credits. Instructor: Bala Rathinasabapathi

HOS 6201 - Breeding Perennial Cultivars. F odd years
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Jose Chaparro

HOS 6236 - Molecular Markers in Plant Breeding. F odd years
3 credits. Instructors: Drs. Patricio Munoz, Marcio Resende & Kevin Folta

HOS 6331 - Postharvest Biology. S odd years
3 credits. Instructor: Staff

HOS 6345 - Environmental Physiology of Plants. F even years
4 credits. Instructor: Dr. Karen Koch

HOS 6412 - Nutrition of Horticultural Crops. SS odd years
3 credits. Instructors: Drs. Eric Simonne & Goudong Liu

HOS 6373C Methods and Applications of Plant Cell and Tissue Culture. S odd years
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Gloria Moore 

HOS 6545 - Citriculture I. F odd years
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Christopher Vincent 

HOS 6546 - Citriculture II. S even years
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Craig Brodersen 

HOS 6905 - Problems in Horticultural Science F, S, SS
(Credits 1-4; max: 8.)

HOS 6910 - Supervised Research F, S, SS
(Credits 1-5; max: 5) S/U.

HOS 6931 - Horticultural Science Seminar Series. S
1 credit. Instructor: Dr. Carlene Chase 

HOS 6932 - Laboratory Methods in Plant Molecular Biology. F
2 credits. Instructor: Dr. Eduardo Vallejos

HOS 6932 - Weed Management for Organic and Sustainable Cropping Systems S even years
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Carlene Chase 

HOS6932 - Advanced Horticultural Physiology. S
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Rebecca Darnell

HOS 6932 - Horticultural Physiology. F
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Rebecca Darnell

HOS 6934- Professional Seminar Preparation. F
1 credit. 
Instructors: Dr. Jeffrey Williamson 

HOS 6932 - Greenhouse and Protected Agriculture. S even years
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Xin Zhao

HOS 6932 - Organic & Sustainable Crop Production. F
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Xin Zhao
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HOS 6932 -  Advanced Organic & Sustainable Crop Production. S
3 credits. Instructor: Dr. Xin Zhao

HOS 6932-Topics F, S, SS
(Credits 1-4 credits, max 8.)

HOS 6940 - Supervised Teaching F, S, SS
(Credits 1-5; max: 5)

HOS 6941 - Practicum in Horticultural Science F, S, SS
(Credits 2-4; max: 8.)
Admission limited to graduate students majoring in horticultural science. Supervised and individual work in professional areas of horticulture.

HOS 6971 - Research for Master's Thesis F, S, SS
(Credits 1-15.) S/U.

HOS 7979 - Advanced Research  F, S, SS
(Credits 1-12.)
Research for doctoral students before admission to candidacy. Designed for students with a master's degree in the field of study or for students who have been accepted for a doctoral program. Not open to students who have been admitted to candidacy. S/U.

HOS 7980 - Research for Doctoral Dissertation F, S, SS
(1-15) S/U.

PCB 5065 - Advanced Genetics. F
4 credits. Instructors: Drs. Christine Chase (coord), Dean Gabriel, Curt Hannah, Matias Kirst, Don McCarty, James Olmstead
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PCB 6528 - Plant Molecular Biology. S
3 credits. Instructors: Drs. Mark Settles (coord), Gilles Basset, Christine Chase, Kevin Folta, Harry Klee