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Funding Opportunities

Financial assistance in the Horticultural Sciences Department is limited and highly competitive. Individual faculty members may provide funding via an assistantship which provides a salary and tuition waiver that covers the majority of tuition costs. Applicants must contact graduate faculty members in a research area of interest to discuss assistantship opportunities.

The following are links to additional resources for financial aid:

Additional funding opportunities:

Plush Beds Green/Environmental Scholarships - Plush Beds is now accepting applications for its Green/Environmental Scholarships. Both undergraduate and graduate student are eligible. For further details see below and their website: http://www.plushbeds.com/PlushBeds-Green-Scholarships/Advantages-of-a-Green-Lifestyle-Scholarship/. The deadline is August 15, 2014.
Posted February 26, 2014.

CALS Study Abroad Scholarships - The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences offers need-based scholarships for CALS undergraduate and graduate students participating in College study abroad programs. 
Application: Click Here for the Application

University of Florida International Center (UFIC) Scholarships
The UFIC provides about $80,000 per year in scholarships for UF students on a competitive basis. See their website for current scholarship opportunities.

Travel grants:

Graduate Student Council Travel Grants - Graduate Student Council is now accepting applications for domestic travel grants for travel dates from December 15, 2014 through January 14, 2015 and for international travel grants for travel dates January 1, 2015 through February 28, 2015. The deadline to apply for a Graduate Student Council Travel Grant is October 31, 2014. For more information or to apply, please see their website for more information: http://ufgsc.org/index.html.
Posted October 14, 2014

James Davidson Graduate Travel Scholarship
Application: [PDF]

The purpose of these scholarships is to provide funding to help defray travel expenses for graduate students presenting a paper or poster at a national or international professional meeting or conference. These scholarships are named after Dr. James M. Davidson, former Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, who established the endowment to fund these scholarships.

For Conference dates:

Apply by:

January 1st - June 30thNovember 1st
July 1st - December 31stMay 1st

Applications for the James Davidson Graduate Travel Scholarship must be turned in directly to your department/school one week prior to the college deadline.

UF Research and Graduate Programs Travel Grant
Application: [PDF]

Travel to conferences, symposia, and special research opportunities are essential for the professional development of advanced research students. The University also benefits by being represented at such events. The Office of Research and Graduate Programs (RGP) has therefore established a program to supplement student travel when other funding sources are insufficient. RGP guidelines for travel funding cap awards at $300 per trip and require 1:1 matching funds from the department and/or college. These funds are primarily for assistance with the cost of travel, particularly airfare. These grants are one-time awards to Graduate Students. RGP cannot provide any retroactive reimbursements.