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Weed Science


A key goal of the weed science program is to improve horticultural crop performance by minimizing the impact of weed populations.  Multi-disciplinary teams of researchers use biological, mechanical and cultural methods to control weed populations. 

Herbicide resistance, herbicide selectivity and interactions with weeds and crops are an important component of weed science projects at UF, as well as that of the National IR-4 program, which is dedicated to enhancing sustainable crop production. 

See below for more information on our Weed Science Research Programs:

  • Nathan Boyd - Weed management of strawberries and vegetables
  • Carlene Chase –  Reducing environmental impact of weed management; methyl bromide alternatives; cover crops and living mulches
  • Peter Dittmar –  Weed science of vegetables, deciduous fruit and nut crops
  • Megh Singh –  Weed management of citrus crops