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October 2006



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Acifluorfen (UltraBlazer) Labeled in Strawberry

  By William Stall, Professor, Horticultural Sciences, Gainesville


UltraBlazer has received labeling for use in strawberries. UltraBlazer is intended for selective postemergence control of certain broadleafweeds. It may be applied up to the maximum application rate of 0.375 lb ai per acre (1.5 pints) using ground equipment.

For annual strawberries grown on mulch, it may be applied as a directed-shielded application to row middles between mulched beds. Do not allow contact with strawberry plants.

UltraBlazer may also be applied as a bond application before laying plastic mulch and after final land preparation, and prior to transplanting the crop. This method has not been tried, at least recently, in Florida .

There is a 60 day Postharvest Interval (phi) from application to harvest.