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Masaharu Suzuki

Research Associate Professor
Plant Mol and Cell Bio Program, 
Horticultural Sciences Department, 
PO Box 110690, RM 2235 Fifield Hall 
University of Florida 
Gainesville, FL 32611 
  • Ph. D. Department of Agricultural Chemistry, School of Agriculture, Nagoya University, Japan


*Corresponding Author **Co-Corresponding Author

Manaki Mimura, Toru Kudo, Shan Wu, Donald R. McCarty, Masaharu Suzuki*

Autonomous and nonautonomous functions of the maize Shohai1 gene, encoding a RWP-RK putative transcription factor, in regulation of embryo and endosperm development.  Plant Journal doi: 10.1111/tpj.13996 (2018).

Nathan M. Springer, Sarah N. Anderson, (51 additional authors),  Thomas P. Brutnell

The maize W22 genome provides a foundation for functional genomics and transposon biology. Nature Genetics doi: 10.1038/s41588-018-0158-0 (2018).

Ya-Feng Zhang, Masaharu Suzuki, Feng Sun, Bao-Cai Tan

The Mitochondrion-Targeted PENTATRICOPEPTIDE REPEAT78 Protein Is Required for nad5 Mature mRNA Stability and Seed Development in Maize. Molecular Plant 10:1321-1333 (2017).

Jiani Yang, Masaharu Suzuki, Donald R. McCarty

Essential role of conserved DUF177A protein in plastid 23S rRNA accumulation and plant embryogenesis.  Journal of Experimental Botany  67:5447-5460 (2016).

Davide Sosso, Dangping Luo, Qin-Bao Li, Joelle Sasse, Jinliang Yang, Ghislaine Gendrot, Masaharu Suzuki, Karen E Koch, Donald R McCarty, Prem S Chourey, Peter M Rogowsky, Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, Bing Yang, and Wolf B Frommer

Seed filling in domesticated maize and rice depends on SWEET-mediated hexose transport. Nature Genetics 47:1489-1493 (2015).

Masaharu Suzuki*, Yutaka Sato, Shan Wu, Byung-Ho Kang, Donald R. McCarty

Conserved functions of the BIG EMBRYO 1 MATE transporter in regulation of lateral organ size and initiation rate.  Plant Cell 8:2288-2300 (2015).

Masaharu Suzuki*, Shan Wu, Qin-Bao Li, Donald R. McCarty

Distinct functions of COAR and B3 domains of maize VP1 in induction of ectopic gene expression and plant developmental phenotypes in Arabidopsis.  Plant Molecular Biology 85:179-191 (2014).

Charles T Hunter, Masaharu Suzuki, Jonathan Saunders, Shan Wu, Alexander Tasi, Donald R McCarty, Karen E Koch

Phenotype to genotype using forward-genetic Mu-seq for identification and functional classification of maize mutants. Frontier in Plant Science. 4:545 (2014).

Haiyan Jia, Donald R. McCarty**, Masaharu Suzuki**

Distinct Roles of LAFL Network Genes in Promoting the Embryonic Seedling Fate in the Absence of VAL Repression.  Plant Physiology 163:1293-1305 (2013).

Haiyan Jia, Masaharu Suzuki, Donald R. McCarty

Regulation of the seed to seedling developmental phase transition by the LAFL and VAL transcription factor networks.  WIREs Developmental Biology. 3:135-145 (2013).

Donald R. McCarty, Sue Latshaw, Shan Wu, Masaharu Suzuki, Charles Hunter, Wayne Avigne, and Karen E. Koch

Mu-seq: sequence-based mapping and identification of transposon induced mutations.  PLoS One 8: e777172 (2013).

Donald R. McCarty, Masaharu Suzuki, Charles Hunter, Wayne T. Avigne, and Karen E. Koch

Genetic and molecular analysis of UniformMu Transposon Insertion Lines.   In Methods in Molecular Biology, vol.1057, p157-166:  Plant Transposable Elements (Thomas Peterson, ed).  Springer, New York (2013).

Jiahn Chou Guan, Karen E. Koch, Masaharu Suzuki, Shan Wu, Susan Latshaw, Tanya Petruff, Charles Goulet, Harry J. Klee, Donald R. McCarty

Diverse roles of strigolactone signaling in maize architecture and the uncoupling of a branching-specific sub-network.  Plant Physiology  160: 1303-1317 (2012).

Elizabeth M. Takacs, Masaharu Suzuki, and Michael J. Scanlon

Discolored1 (DSC1) is an ADP-Ribosylation Factor-GTPase Activating Protein Required to Maintain Differentiation of Maize Kernel Structures. Frontier in Plant Science 3:115 (2012).

Masaharu Suzuki** and Donald R. McCarty**

Functional symmetry of the B3 network controlling seed development. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 11: 548-553 (2008).

Masaharu Suzuki*, Susan Latshaw, Yutaka Sato, A. Mark Settles, Karen E. Koch, L. Curtis Hannah, Mikiko Kojima, Hitoshi Sakakibara, and Donald R. McCarty

The maize Viviparous8 locus, encoding a putative AMP1-like peptidase, regulates ABA accumulation and coordinate embryo and endosperm development. Plant Physiology 146: 1193-1206 (2008).

Masaharu Suzuki*, Heidi H-Y. Wang, and Donald R. McCarty

Repression of the LEAFY COTYLEDON 1/B3 Regulatory Network in Plant Embryo Development by VP1/ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE 3-LIKE B3 Genes. Plant Physiology 143: 902-911 (2007).

A. Mark Settles, David R. Holding, Bao Cai Tan, Susan P. Latshaw, Juan Liu, Masaharu Suzuki, Li Li, Brent O’Brien, Diego Fajardo, Ewa Wroclwaska, Jinsheng Lai, Charles Hunter, Wayne Avigne, Stephanie Peacock, John Baier, Donald Lonon, Joachim Messing, L. Curtis Hannah, Karen E. Koch, Philip W. Becraft, Brian A. Larkins, and Donald R. McCarty

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Masaharu Suzuki*, A. Mark Settles, Chi-Wah Tseung, Qin-Bao Li, Susan Latshaw, Shan Wu, Tim Porch, Eric A. Schmelz, Martha G. James, Donald R. McCarty

The maize viviparous15 locus encodes the molybdopterin synthase small subunit. Plant J. 45: 264-274 (2006).

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Masaharu Suzuki*, Matthew G. Ketterling, and Donald R. McCarty

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Masaharu Suzuki*, Matthew G. Ketterling, Qin-Bao Li, and Donald R. McCarty

Viviparous1 alters global gene expression patterns through regulation of ABA signaling. Plant Physiology 132: 1664-1677 (2003).

Eiji Nambara, Masaharu Suzuki, Suzanne Abrams, Donald R. McCarty, Yuji Kamiya and Peter McCourt

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Masaharu Suzuki*, Chien-Yuan Kao, Suzy Cocciolone, Donald R McCarty

Maize VP1 complements Arabidopsis abi3 and confers a novel ABA/auxin interaction in roots. Plant J. 28: 409-418 (2001).

Masaharu Suzuki, Chien-Yuan Kao, Donald R. McCarty

The conserved B3 domain of VIVIPAROUS1 has a cooperative DNA binding activity.  Plant Cell  9: 799-807 (1997).