Folta's Funding / Lab Funding

Who Does Not Fund Research/Outreach
There is no funding from: Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Syngenta, DuPont/Pioneer.

Current Research Funding
** FEDERAL** Light Regulation of Post-Harvest Fruit Quality. USDA/NIFA (2015-2018) PI, $500,000

** INSTITUTIONAL** Improving Strawberry Germplasm via Targeted Introgression of Genetic Diversity and Characterization of Flavor-Associated Genes.  UF Plant Molecular Breeding Initiative (2014-2018).  Co-PI, $180,000

** INDUSTRY ** Development of gene-editing technology to speed variety development. Florida Strawberry Research and Education Foundation. (2016-2018). Co-PI $92,976

New herbicide chemistries discovered in functional randomness. Bayer Crop Science Grants4Targets Program, 10/1/2017-9/30/2018. PI $57,720.

Science Communications Outreach Funding
This funding is listed here.These funds cover the costs to administer science communication outreach. There is no personal compensation for Folta's time. The costs cover some travel, perhaps a hotel night, media costs (printing, USB drives), and snacks/drinks for participants.

Reimbursement for Travel

It is customary to reimburse scientists for the exact costs associated to provide lectures or seminars. All reimbursed travel since June 2014 is listed here, and is updated quarterly. Honoraria are often customary. The amounts recieved are listed and prior to October 2015 were invested into the science communication outreach program.

To date, Folta has declined opportunities for paid consulting and has performed such work at no charge as part of his job.

Writing Opportunities
To date, Folta declines financial reimbursement for writing opportunities. These are also listed in this table.


Previous Funding / Projects

Developing Superior Flavor in Florida Strawberries (Part II): From Lab to Market. USDA Specialty Crops State Block Grant (2013-2015) Co-PI $284,456.
Improving Strawberry Germplasm via Targeted Introgression of Genetic Diversity and Characterization
of Flavor Genes. Plant Molecular Breeding Initiative (2010-2014). Co-PI, $180,000.
CAREER: Analysis of a Novel Aspect of Photomorphogenic Development and its Application to Graduate Student Training. National Science Foundation (2008 – 2013). PI, $985,985
Characterization of Novel Expressed Transcripts in the Rosaceae.  National Science Foundation (2007-2010)  PI,  $1,005,585.
Characterization of Fruit-Specific Strawberry Promoters. Simplot (2012-2013) PI, $58,000; $48,000 (2013-2014), $50,000 (2014-2015).
Developing Superior Flavor in Florida Strawberries: A Consumer-Assisted Breeding Approach. USDA Specialty Crops Block Grant (2011-2012) PI, $253,355
Selecting a sunn hemp cover crop genotype for organic weed suppression and seed production. USDA/SARE.  (2008-2009)  Co-PI, $200,000.
Material support for visiting scientists. North American Strawberry Growers & California Strawberry Growers.  (2007-2008)  PI, $4000 
Funding for strawberry researchers to attend the NASS/NASGA symposium. USDA  (2007) PI $10,000
Bioengineering Strawberries for Nematode Resistance in Sub-Tropical and Tropical Environments.  USDA (2006-2009) PI,  $100,000
Implementation of high-throughput amplicon sequencing to obtain chloroplast sequence. NSF / Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) (2007-2008) Co-PI, $17,000
The role of green light in combinatorial light treatments. NSF/Research Opportunity Award. (2006-2007) PI, $20,782
Pilot high throughput strawberry gene sequencing using 454 technology. North American Strawberry Growers Association (2006) PI, $4700
Identification of Fruit-Specific Promoters in Strawberry. Florida Strawberry Growers Association. 2005-2006. PI, $6270
Gene Pair Haplotypes and Sequence Samples from Strawberry (Rosaceae), Multi-Purpose, Transferable Resources for Genomics and Variety Improvement.  USDA (2005-2008).  Co-PI, $330,000.
Chloroplast transformation in cereals.  Ohio Biotechnology Research Consortium. (2005-2006) Co-PI, $40,000
Green Light Sensing, Integration and Response During Photomorphogenic Development.  National Science Foundation (2004-2007).  PI, $318,845.